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Istituto Europeo di Design

Istituto Europeo di Design

26.10—19.11 2017

"The moon is a light bulb, attached to the ceiling, and the stars are lemons...".
With the same visionary skills of Dario Fo and Enzo Iannacci it becomes possible to see the moon as something completely different or even as an original innovation. This powerful insight, delivered with such an ironic intonation, perfectly embodies the spirit of IED’s 50th anniversary exhibition and became its emblem.

LA LUNA È UNA LAMPADINA - 50 YEARS OF IED is an international, counter-current and interactive exhibition. It is not a commemoration of the past but rather a celebration of the present and the future as told by those who experienced IED firsthand: artists, managers, designers educated in all our campuses worldwide.

Three busy weeks of events and activities in continuous evolution and open to all.
An emotional journey through time, an immersion in the present, a vision of the future, an international experience.

La Triennale Milano
viale Alemagna 6

Alumni are a fundamental part of IED's History. The international community of Design, Fashion, Communication and Visual Arts is waiting for you.

The milestones in IED’s history meet the evolution of culture, technology, society, and lifestyle. Here they are, in a 50 year long timeline.

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